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Kitchen Cure Week 1: Fridge, Freezer, Pantry

badge for the Kitchen Cure

For the last couple of weeks, I have been participating in the Kitchen Cure – a 6 week process of streamlining, decluttering and organizing the kitchen. Each week, participants are given an assignment to complete towards this goal. We are currently in week 2.
I hadn’t originally planned to blog about this process, but after working on the assignment for week 1 (go through the fridge, freezer and pantry and get rid of any old, outdated or unused ingredients) and part of week 2 (declutter & give away kitchen equipment), I changed my mind.

5 Quick & Easy Tips for Becoming a Better Cook

image of a pile of cumin seed on a cutting board

As mentioned on my About page, I never cooked from scratch until I moved to Texas in 2004. That means that for most of my adult life, I ate pretty much nothing but fast food, boxed / frozen goods and restaurant meals. Amazing, huh?
When I got to Texas, I began to cook from scratch – at first to save money and with just a flicker of interest, then eventually entirely from a love of the cooking itself, and for the feeling I get when someone I’ve fed enjoys the meal. In these past five years, I’ve learned many things and continue to do so every day. I know there are lots of people out there far more skilled and experienced than I, but for those of you who may be just starting out, I thought I’d share a few of the things that helped get me going.

Loads of Hope

Loads of Hope may be kind of a hokey name, but the program is a very worthwhile one, from Tide of laundry soap fame. Read here for all the details.
Yesterday, I saw a link about this in my feed reader from A Year of CrockPotting, asking everyone to keep the word flowing. I may not have much of an audience yet, but I sure want to do my part. Hurricane Ike came through here just a few months ago, so I could easily have been one of the people in need of these services.
Help support the program by getting your t-shirt here –
Want to help spread the word? Please do! Just use this same link so they can track where it came from.