Favorite Kitchen Tools – Nylon Tipped Tongs

image of Nylon Coated Kitchen Tools

Are you familiar with Foodbuzz.com? It’s a sort of “foodie social network” where you can post recipes, rate other peoples’ recipes, rate favorite products and so on.

Every day, they feature a “Daily Special.” These used to be different ingredients, but lately they’ve been doing kitchen products instead. Which got me thinking about some of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

Today’s Daily Special item is a pretty nice looking nylon cooking tools set, with stainless steel handles.

image of Nylon Coated Kitchen Tools

I don’t have these exact tools, but I do have a pair of tongs that are very similar, and boy was I surprised how much of a difference they made in my kitchen! Prior to these, I had these cheapy aluminum tongs that got bent whenever you looked at them too hard.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to bend them back into shape before I could use them. And since they were just plain metal, I couldn’t use them in my non-stick pans. But for the longest time, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for a nicer pair. I mean – I HAD some tongs, right? Why should I spend so much money for new ones when I have some in the drawer already? Eventually, though, frustration won and I forked over some cash.

Wow! You’d never think things like tongs could have such an impact. I LOVE my new tongs! They are very sturdy, I can use them for all kinds of things the old ones couldn’t do. I can even use them to pick up an entire pan of things, if the weight is balanced correctly – they’re that strong. The nylon tipped ends mean I can use them in non-stick or regular pans. I use these suckers almost every time I cook.

I have some other favorites, too, and we’ll talk about them later. But there’s no doubt the nylon-tipped tongs are right up at the top.

What is your favorite kitchen tool? Did you buy it for yourself or was it a gift? Did it transform your kitchen experience? Tell us in the comments!

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