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image of Chef's Knife

The chef’s knife is probably the single most important tool in the kitchen. It’s what we use every day for chopping and slicing and preparing to cook. A good one can make your kitchen experience a dream and a bad one can create a nightmare!

For the longest time, I used a cheapy Wal-Mart chef’s knife. It got the job done, right? It was just good enough that my frugal self just couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive one.

Then, a few years ago, I saw this Wusthof Emerilware chef’s knife set on deep discount on a website that was going out of business. It was such a good deal that I went ahead and bought it (looks like Amazon’s got it at a pretty good price right now, too).

Wusthof Emerilware

I had no idea how much easier it would be with a good, sharp knife. Right after I cut my thumb with the first stroke, of course! I was so used to bludgeoning my food with my old, cheap, dull knife that I used waaayy too much pressure when I switched to this Wusthof and cut myself as a result. Once I eased up, it was all good. Wow! What a difference! It has completely changed my experience.

If you are using a cheapy chef’s knife, do yourself a big favor and spend a few bucks to get a better one. You will be amazed at how much better it works for you. Truly.

Foodbuzz is featuring a Wusthof Emerilware chef’s knife on their Daily Special today. You can get it at Chef’s Catalog for only $14.95.

I’m not saying this is top of the line, but if you’re still using a supermarket knife, it could be a big step up for you, just like it was for me. For that price, it’s worth a try.

As much as I appreciate the improvement my Emerilware knife made, now I’m wondering if some of those even more pricey knives are really worth the money. Some of them are fabulously beautiful, too. Have you seen these New West Knives? Wow. Someone get me a drool-cup.

image of New West Fusion chef's knife

So tell me – what kind of knife do you use? How much did you pay? Was it worth it? What should my next knife-upgrade be?

Next time, I’ll remember to go light until I get used to it. I’m trying to maintain my “never been to the emergency room” status.

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