Fresh Berry Tart Recipe at

Fresh Berry Tart

I’m baack! I know, I know. It’s been months. But when I say we’ve been having life here at the house, I mean we’ve been having LIFE. Way more than I can get into here, but just know I was thinking of y’all and feeling guilty for not posting and not cooking. I *still* am not getting much cooking done, so since I don’t have any new recipes to share with you, here is one from

Are y’all familiar with Rouxbe Online Cooking School? If not, definitely go check it out. It is primarily a membership site (quite reasonably priced), but they do have some free step by step videos. Here’s a good one that shows how to make Pate Sucree (sweet crisp pastry). Looks quite delish, doesn’t it?

I like how these video “classes” are broken up into parts, so you can watch each part over and over, if you need to or skip ahead to just the part you need. They’re really nice, high quality videos too. And they have a super feature that I think ALL videos should have – you can adjust the volume or just the voices or just the music! Brilliant!

This is just the preview video – go to to see the entire 8 part video.

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