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You may notice a couple of dishes that have been appearing week after week. That isn’t because we love it so much we eat it every seven days. No, it’s because I still haven’t managed to get them made! Schedules change, things come up, and next thing I know, it’s end of the week. Hopefully, this will be the week for enchiladas and mini-meatloaves!

At the Farmer’s Market this past Saturday, I picked up a whole bunch of mushrooms – oysters and cremini. Yum! So I have to use those up soon (oh, darn!). We do love the fungus at my house, so it shouldn’t be a problem. One thing I’ve noticed – everybody says to shop the Farmer’s Market for better prices on the freshest veggies, but so far, my experience has been that the FM is MORE expensive than the store. What about you? Does your local Farmer’s Market have good prices or are they sky-high like mine?

As usual, I have left a couple of days open. Wednesday is my usual grocery shopping day, and after working all day, then spending a couple of hours running around town, then putting everything away, I’m too pooped to do any real cooking. So, leftovers or a freezer meal are the usual suspects. And then, I typically leave one day open just for wiggle room.

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • Monday – Lemon Spiced Chicken with Chickpeas
  • TuesdayCheese Enchiladas (gonna make these this time, doggone it!)
  • Wednesday – shopping day
  • Thursday – Mini Meatloaves (third time’s the charm, right?)
  • Friday – Open day
  • Saturday – we’ll be attending a family party in the middle of the day,  and will probably end up eating with the fam in the evening, too.  If not, we’ll wing it.
  • Sunday – Apple, Butternut & Squash Casserole – working out the kinks on this delicious fall recipe that I’ll be sharing with you as soon as I’ve got it perfected!

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Stay tuned this week for a Monthly Munchies post, plus I’ll be posting for the Cake Slice Baker’s group on Sunday 11/20. It’s a recipe that would be a great addition to your holiday table, so be sure to check it out! Next week, of course, we’ll all be gearing up for Thanksgiving. I’m attending a big family gathering and am supposed to bring at least one side plus a dessert. And I still haven’t heard how many people will be there (argh!).

What’s your plan? Are you hosting or attending a big family feast, or having a small intimate dinner instead? Are you ready for the holidays or feeling stressed as it comes creeping (screaming?) up on us?

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