Menu Plan Monday – 11/7

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It’s Menu Plan Monday again!

As I mentioned sometimes happens, my plan from last week got mostly preempted. Visits with in-laws and working overtime meant a lot less cooking than I had planned, so you’ll see that several items originally scheduled for last week got moved to this week.

This week is Staff Meeting at my office, and I always bring “Monthly Munchies” to keep the mood sweet. Since the holidays are coming soon, I figured I’d do something a little out of the ordinary, yet totally seasonal – caramel dipped apples. These actually make great party food because one apple can get sliced into many pieces. And even though it’s got some caramel (and probably chocolate and other topping) on it, it’s still a slice of fresh apple, which means it feels just a little less guilty than some other treats. Caramel apples are actually really easy to make, even when you make the caramel from scratch, and everyone is always so impressed!

The only trick to serving sliced caramel apples to a crowd is to remember to brush the slices with something to keep them from browning. You can use lemon juice or, I just discovered, ginger ale! I’m going to test out the ginger ale the night before to make sure it works (what a shame, we’ll have to slice and eat one of those apples…. oh darn!), and I hope it does because that sounds like a delicious choice.

I’m also planning on making some of these fun and tasty-looking Peanut Butter, Pretzel and Toffee Bonbons. Don’t they look awesome? I love making candy and these are just a little different and sound really easy to make. Plus, they also have that slightly more indulgent “holiday” feel I’m going for with this month’s Monthly Munchies.

Otherwise, it’s just business as usual. Trying to get fresh meals on the table every night. A couple of the items on this week’s plan will provide some freezer meals for future dates when cooking just isn’t in the cards. I love those!

This week’s plan:

  • Monday – Leftover Night – I’ll be grocery shopping tonight, then making some meatballs to go into the freezer, so we’ll finish off some leftovers so I don’t have to add another task to today’s busy schedule.
  • Tuesday – Quick and easy Meatball Subs (using Monday’s frozen meatballs) so that I can get right to work on those caramel apples and bonbons.  My boyfriend loves “cookie night” (when I make Monthly Munchies for staff meeting) as we call them, because he gets to be my taste-tester.
  • Wednesday – Now that the craziness of Monday and Tuesday are over, I can spend a little more time on dinner, so going to experiment with an Apple, Butternut Squash and Sausage casserole.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  If I have time, I’d like to make a batch of Breakfast Cookies for the freezer.
  • Thursday – Trying to get into the Fall spirit (even though it’s still 80 degrees here most days) with an Autumn Salad paired with some quick, easy and delicious Mini-Meatloaves (another one that makes extra for the freezer).
  • Friday – The Boyfriend and I both love cheese enchiladas, so we’re going to splurge on Friday and make these delicious-looking Cheese Enchiladas from
  • Weekend  – I haven’t figured out what we’re going to do for dinner on Saturday and Sunday yet.  I expect we’ll have some leftovers to finish off, and I may come across a new recipe by then I’d like to try.  The weekend is my time to do a bunch of stuff for the freezer (breakfast burritos, lunch strombolis, etc.), so we’ll see what I manage to fit in.
Here’s the full schedule (click to enlarge):

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What’s your plan for this week? Are you gearing up for the holidays? Do you find your schedule getting busier already, or is it business as usual?

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