Menu Plan Monday – 10/31

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Getting back on the menu planning horse!  I’ve menu planned semi-regularly for the last few years.  Whenever I start getting lazy and stop planning, my cooking activity also starts to drop.  I find that planning is essential to actually getting fresh, from scratch meals on the table.

Thank goodness for Menu Plan Mondays to keep me honest.  I’ve only listed the dinners here, as that’s currently the most challenging meal. But I have a goal to improve our breakfasts and lunches, so you may see some of those on my plans going forward.

I find that my actual activity often changes during the week, but it’s still helpful to have planned it out so that I can make sure I have ingredients on hand and can plan ahead as much as possible. I try to plan for at least one or two meals that makes extra for the freezer, so that on a future day when I’m wiped out and don’t want to cook, I’ve got something ready to go.

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Here’s the basic plan, in case the image doesn’t work for you:

  • Monday – Jambalaya (from freezer) and rice
  • Tuesday – Layered Taco Bake (plus an extra for freezer)
  • Wednesday – Tortellini with Garlic Cream Sauce
  • Thursday – Mini Meatloaves with Honey Garlic Sauce (plus some extras for the freezer)
  • Friday – Open
  • Saturday – Cheese Enchiladas
  • Sunday – Meatball Subs (plus extra meatballs for freezer)

What’s your style? Do you plan your menus ahead of time or fly by the seat of your pants? When you plan, do you stick to it or do you end up changing it all?

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