Menu Plan Monday: April 27, 2009

badge for Menu Plan Monday

badge for Menu Plan MondayDo you make a menu plan? Or do you just wing it?

I find that I go back and forth. Sometimes I’ll go weeks and weeks where I’m very organized, make my plan each week and from that, a shopping list. Then, it’s as if I’ve used up my organizational juice and I just go with the flow for a long time afterwards, picking out recipes the day of, or at the last minute when it’s time to make dinner.

I actually much prefer it when I’m organized. Things just tend to work out better – shopping is easier and more straightforward with a specific list, dinner is more likely to get made on time and with what we have in the house, rather than some special ingredient that catches my fancy. And we’re less likely to just give up and order in.

So I’m not sure why I sometimes get lazy (um… maybe ’cause I’m lazy?………Nah!). But having just discovered Menu Plan Monday over at the I’m An Organizing Junkie blog, I’m inspired to get back on track!

Who’s with me?

Here is the plan for this week, in no particular order. I actually have one too many recipes here because I have to work Friday nights, so that is usually frozen pizza (or corn dogs or something equally fabulous) for the boys. One of these recipes will therefore end up getting cut, but I want to try them all, so we’ll just see how it plays out.

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