Belgian Waffles

image of Perfect Belgian Waffles

I’ve been looking for a good belgian waffle recipe for a long time. I mean, almost all of the ones I tried were good but they were never as good as I knew they could be. A perfect waffle is crispy on the outside and tender on the outside, and it’s so easy for them to become cakey or heavy.
Finally, I’ve found an excellent one! Not a light recipe, but definitely an occasional treat. These are awesome served with warmed maple syrup or topped with sliced fresh berries.

Herbed Lamb Chops

image of uncooked Herbed Lamb Chops

I don’t know why we don’t eat lamb more often. It’s juicy and delicious, and little chops are quick and easy to make. But for whatever reason, I never seem to think of it until I see all the Easter lamb recipes on the Internet.
I’ve not yet made a leg of lamb, but I’ve done chops a couple of times. Don’t wait for a special occasion to make these – they grill (or broil) up in a snap. Pair with mashed potatoes as I did for an indulgent treat, or even just a simple salad or some steamed veggies for a super quick, easy and healthy weeknight meal.

Warm Almond Blackberry Cakes

image of Warm Almond Blackberry Cake

Some fruits are so delicious fresh and untouched that you can barely think to cook them. Others, I think, are improved with a little heat. Blackberries are like that for me. I love blackberries and so do my guys, but they have those hard little seeds in there that get stuck in your teeth and detract from the whole experience. But if you bake them, they soften and become much less of a distraction.

Orange Honey Walnut Cake

Orange Honey Walnut Cake

Have you ever collected a whole bunch of something without knowing how you did it? Recently, I realized that I had somehow stockpiled a huge amount of walnuts. Three giant 2 pound bags, to be exact. Why? How? I don’t even use walnuts that often. I can only assume that every time I went to the store, I thought I was out and bought another bag. I don’t remember doing that… but there the walnuts sit to prove it.
So, having this glut of walnuts, I’ve been casting around for ways to use them up. Whenever I am trying to use a lot of something up, it seems as though I can find tons of recipes, but each recipe only uses a tiny bit. True to form, that’s how it was with walnuts. 1/4 cup here, a handful there. It would take me forever to use up my 6 pounds at that rate.

Spicy Garlic Rosemary Shrimp & Pasta

image of Mother-in-law's tongue pasta

Is this not the coolest pasta you have ever seen in your life? I found this (and a bunch of other fun colored and shaped pastas) at World Market the other day and could not resist them, but I think this one is the most unique. I love it! I even love the name – “Mother In Law’s Tongue” pasta.
I’ve been pondering how to serve this beautiful pasta. Most pasta sauces would cover up the lovely colors, and I didn’t want to go that direction. Then, while browsing through some tried and true recipes, I found just the perfect thing. Spicy Garlic Rosemary Shrimp!

Strawberry Strudel

image of Strawberry Strudel

Everything that tastes good is fattening. That’s the rumor, anyway. And while sometimes it sure seems that way, fortunately there are a few goodies out there to prove it wrong.
Take strawberries, for instance. Beautiful, juicy, sweet and delicious. AND very low calorie (and they’re even quite filling). Strawberries are definitely an exception to the above rule. Strawberries are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting any buttons.

5 Quick & Easy Tips for Becoming a Better Cook

image of a pile of cumin seed on a cutting board

As mentioned on my About page, I never cooked from scratch until I moved to Texas in 2004. That means that for most of my adult life, I ate pretty much nothing but fast food, boxed / frozen goods and restaurant meals. Amazing, huh?
When I got to Texas, I began to cook from scratch – at first to save money and with just a flicker of interest, then eventually entirely from a love of the cooking itself, and for the feeling I get when someone I’ve fed enjoys the meal. In these past five years, I’ve learned many things and continue to do so every day. I know there are lots of people out there far more skilled and experienced than I, but for those of you who may be just starting out, I thought I’d share a few of the things that helped get me going.

Easy Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potatoes

image of Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potatoes

I’m a mean pseudo-stepmom (we’re not married, but we live together, so…). Most nights, I do not cook for my boyfriend’s son. He is forced to fend for himself.
Why, you may ask, would I be so unkind? Well, Morgan is about the World’s Pickiest Eater and I mean that sincerely. Not only is he uber-picky, but he’s fickle too. On some nights, he will refuse to eat things that he normally loves – pizza, for instance. If he’s not in the mood, you can just take your meal and….well, you know.