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Quick Dessert Cake

Quick Dessert Cake

On a recent week night, after eating dinner, we decided we wanted something sweet. Something that was really dessert, but didn’t take a long time to put together. We had a movie to watch and we wanted to get to it.
So, I jumped onto the Food Blog Search and typed in “quick dessert.” A whole bunch of things popped up, and a few items down, I found Millie’s Quick Dessert Cake. Not only did it, indeed, sound very quick, but it used canned pie filling – of which I have several I need to use up (how is it that I have several, I ask you? I never use them! Why did I buy them? I don’t understand). So, Quick Dessert Cake it was!

Fastest Cinnamon Rolls

image of Fastest Cinnamon Rolls

After my recent attempt at non-yeasted cinnamon rolls, I had pretty much determined I would just have to bite the bullet and go the traditional route if I wanted perfect cinnamon rolls. Don’t get me wrong – that Cook’s Illustrated recipe was delicious, but the dough was difficult to work with and the end result wasn’t very pretty. So, I had pretty much stopped looking for that kind of recipe and mentally slotted cinnamon rolls as a “major plan ahead” recipe only.
Then, quite by accident, I ran across a Fine Cooking recipe called Fastest Cinnamon Buns. As previously, my hopes immediately rose. Maybe this one would work better! Without delay, I went home and made it that very night.

Belgian Waffles

image of Perfect Belgian Waffles

I’ve been looking for a good belgian waffle recipe for a long time. I mean, almost all of the ones I tried were good but they were never as good as I knew they could be. A perfect waffle is crispy on the outside and tender on the outside, and it’s so easy for them to become cakey or heavy.
Finally, I’ve found an excellent one! Not a light recipe, but definitely an occasional treat. These are awesome served with warmed maple syrup or topped with sliced fresh berries.

Warm Almond Blackberry Cakes

image of Warm Almond Blackberry Cake

Some fruits are so delicious fresh and untouched that you can barely think to cook them. Others, I think, are improved with a little heat. Blackberries are like that for me. I love blackberries and so do my guys, but they have those hard little seeds in there that get stuck in your teeth and detract from the whole experience. But if you bake them, they soften and become much less of a distraction.

Orange Honey Walnut Cake

Orange Honey Walnut Cake

Have you ever collected a whole bunch of something without knowing how you did it? Recently, I realized that I had somehow stockpiled a huge amount of walnuts. Three giant 2 pound bags, to be exact. Why? How? I don’t even use walnuts that often. I can only assume that every time I went to the store, I thought I was out and bought another bag. I don’t remember doing that… but there the walnuts sit to prove it.
So, having this glut of walnuts, I’ve been casting around for ways to use them up. Whenever I am trying to use a lot of something up, it seems as though I can find tons of recipes, but each recipe only uses a tiny bit. True to form, that’s how it was with walnuts. 1/4 cup here, a handful there. It would take me forever to use up my 6 pounds at that rate.