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I hadn’t heard anything about this new magazine prior to seeing it just sitting there on the shelf at the store, Mario Batali smiling his secret little smile at me. “Premier issue” it said across the top. So I picked it up.

I like it. Of course, it’s only one magazine, so I’ll have to see a few more issues before a true determination can be made, but the first one catches my interest. Visually, I like it. I dig the purple cover contrasting with Mario’s red hair and the bright orange carrot and clementines on the table. Inside, the layout is clean, attractive and easy to navigate. There’s an easy to find and understand index in the first few pages (I can’t tell you how many magazines have gotten put back on the shelf because I couldn’t even find the index, it was so lost in the advertising and other crap).

The recipes are a good mix of easy, home style food and more sophisticated, adventurous dishes. Many of them are featured from new cook books being released, which is kinda cool. Gives the chefs motivation to provide interesting recipes if it helps promote a new book, I would think. Chefs featured in this issue include Mario Batali, Roland Mesnier, G. Garvin, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Emeril Lagasse, and Ina Garten.

There’s a page with some info on freezing foods the right way, which ones freeze well and how to do it – a topic that I’ve always found to be challenging to research. I don’t know if that will be a regular feature, or if freezing was just the topic of the month, but I liked that they addressed such a basic issue in an intelligent and easily understood way.

In the back, there’s a regular feature called Blog Bites featuring a food blog. This month it was Very cool that this new mag is not only recognizing the prevalence of food bloggers but even highlighting them!

I’m interested. I’ll definitely be picking up the next couple of issues to see how it goes. You can find details and some additional recipes online here.

So tell me about your magazine habits – do you subscribe to food magazines or only read them online? Which ones do you like best? Do you think there’s room for a new food magazine or is this one doomed to fail?

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